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How Do We Help?

Why do you need an experienced franchise attorney to assist you?  We have read through hundreds of FDD's and FA's and drafted quite a few. We know what the franchisor is allowed to claim and what you can negotiate. We get you a better deal and help you avoid costly mistakes.  

The Franchise Disclosure Document

The Franchise Disclosure Documents are heavily regulated and vital for franchisees to understand.  They are also hundreds of pages and many franchisees and prospective franchisees need help understanding the FDD and some do not even want to read it. We evaluate it, explain it to you and point out all areas of concern.  

The Franchise Agreement

The Franchise Agreement is specific to each franchisee, both original franchisees and purchasers of existing franchises. Not every term is negotiable but many are, and experienced franchise attorneys can help you neogitate the best terms allowing you to make more money while also providing greater protections for your location.  

Lease Negotiations

Leases are always negotiable. Your broker does represent you but your broker also only gets paid if you sign the lease. We help the broker and you make sure that you understand the lease and negotiate the small terms that can make a big difference.  Each tenant in each center has a different agreement, and we help make sure you have the best terms.  

Contract and Employment Matters

Each contract you sign as a franchisee is important, and we can draft, review and negotiate a wide variety of contracts on your behealf. You should not take any contract as it is written but you should negotiate each conract, large or small, to ensure you get the best deal for your franchise.  That includes contracts with your employees and non-competes.  We are experienced contract attorneys that will make sure you are protected and have the most flexibility possible in all of your agreements.  

Terminating Franchises

Unfortunately not all franchises succeed and often it is because of actions or inactions by the franchisor. We assist our clients with terminating franchises with an eye towards our client's goal. Our first step is generally a thorough review of the franchise purchasing process to ensure the franchisor followed the proper procedures. Our second step is understanding the client's goals with the termination and other factors such as the non-compete, liquidated damages and real estate implications. We guide our clients towards the best solution for them and then engage the franchisor in neogitations to achieve the best result for our clients. 

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