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Additional Franchise Related Services

Franchisees are business owners that have a wide variety of legal needs.  We have practiced business law for years and have the experience to assist our clients in a wide variety of areas.  

Lease Negotaitions: Leases are often the biggest risk facing a franchisee that is not reaching their financial projections, and we specialize in negotiating leases with landlords to ensure you get the space you want at terms that work for you. Your broker is often the expert on valuation, but he or she only gets paid if you sign the lease. We represent you in making sure that you understand the terms of the lease, have the best terms dealing with your own default, have rights against the landlord if it breaches the lease, and negotiate limits on increases in CAM and additional fees paid to the landlord.  

Contract Drafting and Negotiation: It is important for franchisees to understand that each contact they sign can and should be negotiated. The length of the contract, your termination rights and your liability upon breach or non-payment can all be critical to the success of your franchise. We draft contracts for our clients, review contracts from vendors, and help our franchisees have the best opportunity for success.  


Employment Law: Most new franchisees have never had their own employees and have questions in needs in the area of employment law including employment agreements, non-compete agreements and non-disclosure agreements. We help our clients navigate this complicated area of the law and ensure they are in compliance with federal, state and local laws while also providing their business protection from former employees looking to compete against them.  

Litigation: Unfortuantely, sometimes the franchisor-franchisee relationship grows sour. Sometimes there are issue with your landlord or a vendor that you cannot resolve on your own. We assist our clients with demand letters, filing or defending lawsuits, and settlement negotiations. If you have an issue with another party that you cannot resolve, contact us.   

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